Are you still using Windows XP as your operating system? From today Microsoft will no longer offer support their operating system Windows XP. I am one of those culprits who have refused to upgrade because I feel this is not a change I need when I considering my PC uses. This will also mean I will have to say goodbye to a laptop I have had and become attached to since 2007 since it does not have the specs to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

So what does this mean exactly? from today if faults detected within the operating system, they will go unfixed.Banks are urged to upgrade their ATMs to a newer OS release as soon as possible as we know 95% of all banks in the world still use Windows XP. There has been efforts from the European banks to get continued support and they have a high price to pay as the UK government agreed to pay more than £5.6 million to Microsoft to continue its support for Windows XP by one year.

If you cannot move on and choose to remain on windows XP you have to ensure that you are protected do this by keeping away from Internet Explorer and use Chrome instead, have a strong antivirus in place, make sure the firewall is set and finally do not store personal information on the browser.
However there are benefits of upgrading for example you will notice that with the newer versions of Windows there are significant changes in the interface and vast improvements in the services available and the overall aim of this is to make the computer less of an appliance and more like a personal device, similar to a phone.

What will you do now that Windows XP won’t be supported by Microsoft? will you finally upgrade? or will you buy a mac or do you want to try linux? Share your resolutions with us.
credit:udaku specially